Saturday, September 25, 2010

YCS San Jose 2

Aloha Allies,

We arrived at the ghetto ass Motel 6 at around 9:30.  We're too cheap and Asian to pay for the proper room so we're all staying in one.  All seven of us.

My friends are practicing for tomorrow.  Fixing their decks and calling our friend Ching a scrub for being so bad.
That's Ching, he's the baby of our group.  We pick on him all the time but we don't mean anything by it.  He's a pretty cool guy but he doesn't think a lot of the time.

Well, it's past midnight now so we're probably going to sleep soon.  I'll tell you how we do tomorrow.

Time to make like a rich dame and go bye bye.


  1. Hm, sounds interesting. I have to admit, I would also sleep in a room of seven than rent an own room. Why waste money if you don't have to?

  2. Unless there are women. In which case unless you don't mind keeping everyone else awake all night - amirite??

    Or maybe I'd be the one staring wide-eyed at the ceiling all night clutching my blanket.

  3. It might be uncomfortable , it might be cheap but in the end 7 people in one room is fun . Or at least a funny memory . Regarding the championship , good luck , i always liked the anime more then the game itself though

  4. I find your blog fun to read and very addicting, so I've decided to Follow you.

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  5. Yeah anyone who's had to travel for a con and such know what it's like to sardine can into a hotel room >_> .